Universal Truths

Saturday, June 28, 2008

We came to this physical state here on earth from a non-physical (spiritual) state. We were created even before the foundation(s) of the world. We WERE (before) and thus ARE someone that we've forgotten. I believe that we are on a exponential time increase to get back to "remembering" who we once were as we move to a fifth dimensional consciousness and out of the third dimensional world to which we're accustomed, but not satisfied in.

Everything that IS vibrates!

Indigo and Crystal children have been described by those with expertise in communicating with them (ie. Meg Blackburn Losey) as beings who live in the fourth dimensional consciousness with capabilities for the fifth. They have an ability to hold on to many of the memories of their spiritual past life. And they speak often of how things were and the desire to get back to that life.

A way explaining the unexplainable would be through radio frequencies.

When we enter this planet we come in at a high spirit frequency. Let's call this an FM band frequency. An FM radio band goes from 88 to 108 MHz (megahertz, or millions of cycles per second) whereas an AM radio frequency ranges from 535 to 1705kHz (kilohertz, or thousands of cycles per-second of electromagnetic energy).

Let's liken the FM band to universal truths.

The minute we come out of the womb we begin to slow down (dumb down if you will) the vibrational frequency from FM to AM and the older we get the more we forget (the past) and soon we no longer remember the universal truths, but have them replaced by earth beliefs (Am frequencies). Our level of vibration drops (becomes more dense) the deeper we sink in the earthly beliefs and fall from the pure state of compassion and love.

Love heals- love is healing!

If there was a core Kingdom message that Jesus brought (which brought healing as well), it was that of unconditional love; however, the church has transformed that teaching into a set of purity codes and laws of moralistic behavior.

Therefore, the more we victimize, have ill feelings, thoughts, criticisms and judgments about ourselves and others the more dense our vibrations become. Repressed emotions, stress, anxiety, depression all create energy blockages. These energy blockages also make our vibrations denser. The denser our vibrations become the less power (will) we have to direct our life the way we would like to.

Transpersonal possibilites are increasing.

For whatever reasons (cyclical?) we're now headed back into a lighter, less dense, and higher vibrational season and that's part of what 2012 (axial age II or maybe III?) is all about. Maybe we ask ourselves on a regular basis. Are we living universal truths or following earth beliefs- Kingdom living or humanistic survival?


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